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God, i know im in no place to talk to you, i am ashamed and i am embarrassed to even perform my prayers. …

Standing in the middle, with thoughts clouding on a 4 am mind.. i turn to r3hab for comfort. Fast cars and blinding lights are always a favorite, with buildings just shielding left and right looking down telling me its all gonna be ok. The moon look clearer, it rains for…

La Vida Loca

i am an open book, i am a closed book. You couldnt crack me, you wont, maybe if we’re alike you can crack me in a little, but just like how a light cracks in a window, when my vessel is slowly cracking open, or maybe its a looking glass, itll probably reflect back. I dont think you can, maybe you will try, and those i trust may come close, but then again, it will probably reflect back.

So go ahead, Perceive me, Perceive me all you want

I will always square down bits by bits of my life with songs, and tonight, i thought i’d write about those that really defined some moments in my life. Im not a melancholy, i am though, a nostalgic. These are some climacteric songs in my life, how it defined me…

in time, you will hear but you will not see, you will search but you will not find, you will ask but you will not receive

and one day, its gonna be over. no more loose eyes on the days i wear my heart on my sleeve, it will all be glorious, victorious, a commemoration on where i took the liberty to set myself free

ive been keeping it inside, but you wont know, i wont tell, and all of that, gone in a split second

When i read Trevante Rhodes’ take on Moonlight and the background story of Kevin & Chiron’s love, it has always been one of my favorite elaboration of love. …


Keep this to your eyes

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