Birthday Letter

3 min readMay 11, 2023


Happy 23 H! welcome to the year where im sure you are going to be excellent, i hope you will achieve all the things you want to achieve this year, whether it’d be a personal goal or academic goal.. i hope you will have your focus straight, i hope you will be consistent, discipline, accountable..

I hope this year will be a fresh air for you. All your family by your side, gaining good knowledge and experience, listening and comprehending more.. baba and mama is so lucky and they love you so much, i hope one day you will be able to realize that they are rooting and wants only the best for you. Sami is so lucky to have a brother he can share fun things with, small things like perfumes and gym.. Dania is also lucky to have such a protective brother who only wants the best for her, im sure no one will break Dania’s heart cause you will always be so defensive of her. i hope you will be someone that is full of compassion. On a day like this, i hope you reflect on all the good things you have achieved to continue doing and persuing them for your goals, and all the bad things as a reminder for you to stay away from that kind of behavior. I hope this year will be good to you

I hope Allah will lead you, i hope you will always remember that Allah is by your side through everything, and use that advantage to get closer to him and stay away from things he forbids.. i hope you can be on your deen, pray 5 times, recite shalawat, pray quran, recite ratibs, make duas.. i hope you can stay away from the things that have made you astray.

Be grateful and live life full of gratitude, He has given you so much.. you are lucky, Allah loves you. You are bright and sharp, clever with hints of mischief hahahah. You have had so much fun in your 23 years of living.. i hope you will be able to take life more seriously at this point.

This year is a little different from the past few years.. but like you said (and now i surrender and can only agree to this saying), it is what it is. At first (and a million times later) i never wanted to give in to that saying, but with all the hurt and pain i can only agree to it. I wonder if you are thinking about that text, the one i sent on Line and we continued to talk till 7am eventhough it was in Ramadhan.. i wonder if you are thinking about that garfield book i gave you in shicaf, along with the other stuff.. i wonder if you are thinking about a surprise that night i gave you, driving to your house and we went to a cafe later, you made me a promise to not give you a gift, so i planned a whole day together with you as an alternative, looking back, time really was the gift.. the wondering around museums, eating chicken wings while i first open up to you in Ashta, painting our hearts out in canvas and walls, and dinner at your favorite rooftop restaurant.. i wonder if you are thinking about that half cake with sunset decoratings cause you were going to Bali at the time, the sweater you love so much, the beaters i know you will find comfortable, and the book.. the book i made with my whole heart, something im really proud of and i hope you love, it really paints me as a person and i hope it paints us.. in a way. Everything i love about you and us was in there..

i hope you handle everything accordingly.. you and your potentials, something i stubbornly believe in.. maybe one day youre going to prove me right, and i wont be there to see it..

im not gonna bore you with my hurt and my pain, this is your day afterall, but i hope you will be the man you are proud of, im rooting for you :) make good choices okay?

have the happiest birthday H, like always, happy, healthy, wealthy & lucky.. all the best prayers for you. i hope one day you will realize that there are something so pure, so genuine, so great, in life that is worth fighting, having and keeping.