Ecstasy of Love

2 min readMar 14, 2021

When i read Trevante Rhodes’ take on Moonlight and the background story of Kevin & Chiron’s love, it has always been one of my favorite elaboration of love. Although theres a critic for the chasing and the wanting and the desperately need of being with your perfection, it shows us that love is still flawed, its a never-ending work in progress, its for everyone but at the same time not for everyone.

We do strive for our 10, our person, but the idea as to the love OF your life and the love FOR your life can be 2 different person still scares the shit out of me. I am willing to feel and experience, i am willing to hurt and break, i am willing to acknowledge failures and mistake, all that is a thrill process to one’s heart contentment.

When i fall in love, i wanna make sure im 100% intoxicated with it. No more blood or water running down my body, i just want it to be pure love, and i hope it wont decrease till the day my soul leaves the earth. There’s happily in love, i like the sound of that for when im 60, but there’s also crazy in love, a love that consumes you rapidly you dont even realize where you now stand, it suffocates you in a good way and theres no going back from that, its an addiction. Passion should fill your heart, and i think something should also burn inside of you when you feel it.

Its funny how often nowadays i find myself watching and hearing stuff about cheating & affairs, its almost to the point where its normalized. I thought to myself “im not sure im in love if im still turning heads for another” im not saying im the most loyal person but i know my limits, my boundaries, how to keep things in piece and to never f### s### up. Love and Faith goes hand in hand, complete trust and confidence will keep you bonded and committed.

Love wholeheartedly,
But maybe, learn to accept, to candor, and most importantly, to let go.

I always write in the AM and my head always felt heavy, but this is my first piece that i actually put out there after having so many things in my drafts, i just felt like sharing it, so please keep this to your eyes, cause im still half shy and half embarrassed, i hope its not too dramatic, cause bona fide is something i think we all desperately want. I wish you can take something from this, and i also wish you a good day