I love you but i love me more

1 min readSep 29, 2023

i tried too hard i put in way too much effort had the biggest respect had the most intense affection way way way too long for someone who barely goes out of their way to have and win me.

no respect, no affection, no attention, not a care in the whole goddamn world. sure makes it a lot easier. i was here alone, by myself, trying to fight for something he said ‘impossible’

dont even calculate my hurt and pain anymore. he acts as if they didnt exist hence why he didnt acknowledge them by still repeating the same damn thing eventhough i communicated perfectly. damn. all this for a love that wasnt headed towards my way. Asu

i think what made me held on for so long is i knew once i let it go, its gone. hes not a fighter. he doesnt give a single fuck. so yeah im done being a soldier

have fun at the club lol