If You Are Reading This

2 min readApr 15, 2024

to start, i didnt wear my hair out on eid.

a million apologies, a million trillion applogies, im sorry for all my mistakes. all the mistakes that reflected on me badly. im very sorry if in any way i disappointed you. im very sorry if in any way i hurted you. im very sorry for all the times i raised my voice. im very sorry for the times i made my trauma as an excuse to behave the way i did. im very sorry if im not as perfect as you want me to be. im very sorry if i sometimes reacted with anger when i shouldnt. im very sorry if my judgment at times were very clouded. im very sorry if i didnt appreciate you enough for when you did stuff to make me happy. i hope you know i did my best to be here, to make myself happy and content in between all the uncertainty, to try and see the hope, to maybe have a chance in the future.

for all the pain, mistakes & hurt that you have caused me i 100% forgive you. we are all trying here.

now its time for me to go, find myself and maybe find love again elsewhere. im also setting you free :) you can do anything, anywhere, with anyone.. as do i. i will never regret what had happened between us, im very much thankful to all the beautiful times that i got to have eventhough it wont last me a lifetime. i hope we will both achieve happiness somewhere. you have a good heart.

Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah please keep him safe. please keep him healthy. please keep him happy & wealthy. Ya Allah i cant be there to love him anymore so please give him all of your rahman & rahiim.

Happy April 16!

Fi Amanillah

love always, s