In Time

1 min readMar 24, 2021

in time, you will hear but you will not see, you will search but you will not find, you will ask but you will not receive

and one day, its gonna be over. no more loose eyes on the days i wear my heart on my sleeve, it will all be glorious, victorious, a commemoration on where i took the liberty to set myself free

ive been keeping it inside, but you wont know, i wont tell, and all of that, gone in a split second

so keep a pure heart, love wholeheartedly, shirin, when you have finally found a great love, you better do everything in your power to keep and hold on to it and you cherish it. you can always count on love. you can say hi and it will say hi to you back. be kind, be genuine, be passionate. i pray that one day someone will make you feel lucky for eternity, i hope love treats you kind, treats you well. i hope your good heart gets a good home. i hope you will find a well mannered and kind hearted gentleman who will love every bit of your mind and every inch of your body.