Its A Little Harder to Breathe

1 min readMay 21, 2021


Standing in the middle, with thoughts clouding on a 4 am mind.. i turn to r3hab for comfort. Fast cars and blinding lights are always a favorite, with buildings just shielding left and right looking down telling me its all gonna be ok. The moon look clearer, it rains for a good 4 hours? i sat in traffic for 2 hours.

Thats why im a city girl, i love the lights, the sidewalks, the street lights, the wide bridge looking over the city lights. My new playlist called Gasoline filled with alcohol infused songs, i dont drink, but its always a vibe.

I’d sat and stare the whole night, the tranquility inside… its just me and the buildings looking over the city, makes me wonder, id watch paper towns over and over again just for the “Its a paper town, with paper houses and paper people, everything is uglier up close.”

I am a sinner, i am a saint.. im someone with a different stance, whats with everyone around me? its hard to understand yourself at times. I took a trip abroad for months just to come back feeling the same, i know ive changed, but some emotions came running back, staying the same.

Take me back, set me free, ease my pain, turn me gold..